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Families in Naples Florida

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I’ve been playing catch-up with my blog posts lately. There has been soooo much going on and blogging really hasn’t been my priorty lately. Being away for basically months means that I have some pretty big news…..

We live in Naples, Florida!

Naples Florida

Dave and I are a couple of dreamers and we’ve been putting off what we’ve wanted from life for a long time. “When we have more money.” “When the kids are older.” “When there’s less going on.”

Recognize a little pattern here? Always “when” and never “how”. 

After years of futzing about we decided that there is no convienent time and its never going to get easier to make our lives happen. 

So we made it happen.

Seashells Naples Florida


Not all at once. It took over a year of planning and preparing. 

We had a lot to figure out. What do we really want from life? How are we going to support ourselves? Where do we want to live?

Dave has known for a long time he wanted to get his hands dirty in real estate. And he did a little wholesaling in Cheyenne to get his feet wet and see if he actually liked it. After a little time doing that he decided he wanted to take the plunge and get his Realtor License.

But as much as we love our friends and family in Wyoming we knew that we didn’t want to be tied down there. The great thing about being a real estate agent is you can do it from anywhere. We wanted to be somewhere warm! So we looked around at different places, primarily Arizona and Florida because they are warm but we’ve also visited both and knew we liked them. 

Dave gets his Florida Realtors Lisence

Naples Pier Naples Florida

Once we knew the state, Dave got to work getting his license. When he was pretty close to taking the test back in January we visited Florida to interview brokers and really narrow down what city we wanted to live in. 

What We Love About Naples

Seashells at Naples Beach

After visiting with the sole purpose of narrowing down where we would actually like to live Naples was a no brainer. It was love at first sight. 

Of course perfect weather. Pristine beaches. A well maintained city. Conservative. Stable real estate market. 

There’s also a zoo, botanical gardens, and children’s museum. So although its primarily a retirement and vacation city there is still lots to do for the kids.

Oh, and of course there are so many restaurants here! This is a little subjective because I have seen some from large cities complain about the food options but they seem endless compared to what we are used to.

Making It Happen

Toddler Beach Day

After we settled on Naples is when the hard work really began. 

You know, because we had to figure out how we were going to eat once we got down here. And the actual moving part….

All this time we’d been saving like madmen. So with that money and money from selling our house we have some nice padding to make a real go at this. 

The packing took forever. Boy do we have a lot of junk! But its been really good to simplify and we’ve been enjoying that aspect of the move. 

Once we got here, our stuff was a little late and didn’t get here until a week after we did. But we just tend to think of that as a small hiccup and were just so greatful to have arrived. Besides, it did all get here eventually, so we’re good. 

Living in Naples

Naples Pier Beach Florida

We’ve now been here about 2.5 months and still love it. Dave has been working like a mad man on his business and has his first listing. I have also been helping him with all his marketing and design work. Next up is the website. Its still very much under construction but I’ll try to remember to update this with it once it starts coming together. I am also so excited to get a hold of his social media. One thing at a time though!

I’ve also been very busy with doing homeschool with the kids. Right now we’re doing the Gentle & Classical Program. They seem to like it so far and its nice for me to have a little bit of structure to what I am supposed to be doing. I may or may not start blogging about that. I think it would depend on:

  • If you all are interested in that topic.
  • If I enjoy blogging about it. (ex. I love cooking but don’t actually like blogging about it so I usually don’t!)

The beach has of course been a big hit with the kids. They also love going to our neighborhood pool. We’ve joined a homeschool group that meets up for playdates. Despite the whole mess that is Covid we’ve still managed to find ways to be social and just love the people here.

So in a nutshell; we’re here, we love it, and we hope that this whole venture doesn’t go up in a giant ball of flames and we have to leave. Just kidding. Dave has been doing an amazing job and I think we’re going to be just fine. 

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Toddlers in Naples Florida

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