Weight Loss Wednesday: Week 5

by mommadechic
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First things first. Yes, my children are bedazzled and fabulous.

Second thing. No makeup and bad hair day. I tried out a new curling method last night and HATED it! Then we were up early to take Cassi to the vet to get spayed, no time for getting pretty-fied. So it was a plain Jane and ugly pony kind of day.



weight loss 5 week comparison

weight loss update week 5 profile view

Now on to the why you’re all here, my weight loss update! If you were here last week you will know that things were C-R-A-Z-Y!!! I ended up gaining 2lbs. Insert sad face…

This week was kind of 50/50 on the whole diet thing. I really struggle with getting back into healthy eating once I’ve messed up. And its not even like I feel restricted when dieting. When I’m in the zone its easy. So I seriously don’t know what’s wrong with me or why I have such an issue with this. 

Anyway so the result is….139.2lbs. Last week I was 139.6 so that’s a .4 loss. I’ll take it!

Now I’m only .2lbs heavier than when I began 5 weeks ago. Lol.

Weight Loss Wednesday Week 5

Weight Loss Goal for Week 6

While I’m glad I lost weight this week (finally!) its really kind of embarrassing putting this all out here for everyone to see.

When I get super sexy I’m sure that all my little hiccups will make this weight loss tale all the more inspiring….

To tell the truth I’ve been feeling like a failure and uninspired. I didn’t even take any “What I Ate” pictures last week.

So my main goal for the next week is to work on rekindling some passion and motivation for getting healthy. I’m not ready to quit yet but I know if I’m ever going to make it I need to know why I’m eating salad everyday for lunch….I make a mean salad BTW. 

Making Health a Priority

I’ll be back next week to let you know how my “motivation boot camp” turns out. Subscribe to keep up!

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