Weight Loss Wednesday: Week 4

by mommadechic
i gained weight this week

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Ugh….Where do I even begin. This week was full of crazy-ness and a string of BAD decisions.

To start the week Dave left on a business trip. He likes taking his own car when he can because he is more familiar with how our cars drive. Worried about snow he wanted to take the Sorento which I normally drive because it has four wheel drive and good tires. So he switched the car seats to our Hyundai and off he went Sunday night.

Monday started out great and I was ready to redeem myself from my weekend of gluttony.  I had some greek yogurt with fruit and honey for breakfast and a salad for lunch. And then it all went downhill…

I gather the kids up to go to the grocery store. We’re in the garage when I realize I don’t have my keys for the Hyundai. I don’t normally carry them around as I don’t usually drive this car. I am literally tearing the house apart to find them but they are NOWHERE.

Its only when Dave calls to chat that we both have the big “A-Hah” moment. My keys are with Dave in in the Sorento!

And the string of bad decisions begins…

I decide to order a pizza because WE ARE OUT OF FOOD and of course they have a promotion going on where its actually cheaper to get a pizza + side than to just get the pizza. So I order a pizza and some brownies. I shared with the kids but hint, I ate most of it.

My intention was to try out one of those grocery delivery services the next day. I’d heard of them before but never tried them because I am one of those crazy moms who actually enjoys the experience of taking my kids out to the store. Well, now was the perfect time to try. Except I got busy and didn’t do it.

I did eventually find a hide-a-key but mostly this week comprised of fatty pre-made foods.

Oh, and did I mention that we had 3 Birthday Parties this week!?!

Weigh In Time

Weight Loss Wednesday Week 4

Weight Loss Wednesday Week 4 profile

As you can imagine I was kind of dreading stepping on the scale.

And the damage is…drumroll…2lbs. I am at 139.6 lbs.I should be ashamed to pieces but I am actually quite relieved that it wasn’t more! I was expecting like a 5lb gain. 

So two up from last week and .8 lbs altoghter. Yes, I am heavier than when I started! I’ve got A LOT of work to do! I am hoping that some of this is just water weight and a giant food baby that will quickly go away….fingers crossed.

What I Ate

what I ate Wednesday

So contrary to my word last week I was horrible at keeping a photo diary of what I ate but I did made a collage of what pictures I did snap. But I think its a pretty good representation of what wasn’t photographed as well. Mostly crap with a few healthy things sprinkled in here and there. 

Lessons to Be Learned

weight loss wednesday

The week was not good but it would be a waste if I didn’t acknowledge where I failed and how I can do better. 

  1. Just because I am doing poorly and know it, I should still be counting calories.
  2. Make a few freezer meals to be prepared for crazy situations like we had this week or for when I am just feeling lazy!!!!

Weight Loss Wednesday Fail

Do you have any weight loss fails? What do you do to get back on the horse? 

Feel free to subscribe to keep up with my transformation. Hopefully next week I’ll be transforming in the right direction!!!!

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