We Try Hello Fresh — A Review

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simply cook with hello fresh

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Its 4pm and the kids are hangry screaming banshees. The house is a wreck. I’ve been plugging away at the computer and completely spaced that its dinner time. 

This scene sound familiar? 

At our house things tend to get a little crazy right before dinner. I want something fast, easy, and healthy. When you’re in a rush you don’t always get all three of those things. 

So when I kept getting these coupons for Hello Fresh I thought “I’m game, lets try it.” –completely not sponsored BTW.

Hello Fresh is a meal delivery service that touts 30 min recipes chock full of fresh, healthy ingredients. 


How Hello Fresh Works

Easy dinners with hello fresh

After creating my account Hello Fresh prompted me to pick out one of their plans. They have a family plan which feeds 4, their classic plan which feeds 2, and a vegetarian plan. You can also customize how many meals you get a week. I opted for the classic meal plan with 3 meals a week. 

Each meal is approximately $20.

After picking my plan the fun begins! This is where you pick from their weekly menu. They usually have 12-16 meals each week to choose from. 

The meals have been chosen and now all I had to do was wait for my box to arrive.

Hello Food, Hello Fresh — Lets get Cooking!

Fresh Ingredients with Hello Fresh

My box arrived on a Wednesday. My meals were:

Each meal comes with a recipe card that includes instructions and nutritional information.

I found that most of the meals took 10-15 minutes longer than advertised but that was probably because I was always stopping to take care of screaming kids. Can’t blame Hello Fresh for that!

Overall I did find the meals easy to put together in a jiffy. They also felt very balanced. All the meals came with a serving of carbs, protein, and veggies. Portion sizes were appropriate. No leftovers. For those who care, most of the meals tended to be around 600-800 calories. There are some lower and some much higher but that seemed average.

My kids aren’t picky eaters so I just ordered what I wanted but if you do have picky eaters there are kid friendly menu options like quesadillas, pizzas, etc.

There are also vegetarian option but for my vegan friends I didn’t see many meals that would work for you.

Hello Fresh Healthy Meal Options

My Thoughts

Hello Fresh for Families

Our whole family loved it! It was so nice having three meals taken care of each week. 

We all loved the taste of everything that we tried. 

One thing to note was that twice they botched our cilantro. Once it came wilted and once they didn’t even put cilantro in the box. Don’t know whats up with that.

The big thing is the price. It’s $10 a plate so not something that we can really afford all the time. But even if its a little out of our budget I think the price is more than fair. They have to pay for recipe developers, sourcing the food, websites and marketing, etc. Not to mention the heavy, insulated, refrigerated box that it comes in! That can’t be cheap. 

For those cheapies like me they have all of their recipes online! Even though we canceled our subscription after a couple of months we still use their recipes ALL THE TIME

If you can afford it, I say go for it 100%! 

Thai Basil Stirfry

Pulled Pork Sandwiches with Apple Relish

Hello Fresh Kid Friendly Meals

Family Friendly Meals

Have you ever tried a meal subscription service? What did you think?

hello food hello fresh

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