The Fastest Way to Remove Permanent Marker from Walls

by mommadechic
Toddler Drawing on Walls

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Anyone who has ever been within ten feet of a toddler knows that they can be messy. Really messy.

While Jean-Luc has given me more heart attacks than I can count with falling from tall places it is Ocki who really seems to have that artistic spirit.

She loves to get beautiful just like mommy. Octavia is always so proud when sneaking into my makeup stash. She is also more than happy to help Jean-Luc get beautiful too. 

Toddlers constantly getting into makeup

Toddler getting into makeup

If its not makeup then she will ALWAYS find something else.

Toddler making a mess

My personal favorite was her poop smearing phase. I didn’t take a picture because….GROSS!

But I loved when she got ahold of her diaper rash cream (for the ten thousandth time) and decorated her wall. I mean really, look at that color and composition!

I used hot soapy water and some elbow grease to remove the Desitin from the walls BTW.

Toddler Drawing on Walls

And of course the usual favorite of coloring on the walls. Oh so classic. 

Been there, done that. Moral of the story…

Don’t turn your back on toddlers or you will have a mess!

So when I walked upstairs from packaging up a return and switching some laundry around to the mess of a century I should not have been as surprised as I was. 

Exhibit A

Acrylic Paint all over my floors and coffee table.

Cleaning Acrylic Paint from wood

Dry erase marker on my walls and fridge.

How to clean permanent marker off of walls

Acrylic Paint on my dishwasher.

How to clean up acrylic Paint from walls

Marker and paint on the wall.

Fastest way to remove permanent marker from a wall

Now those of you who are uninitiated to the ways of toddlers might be wondering why I left my kids unsupervised with paint and markers.

Let me tell you about these speedy little demons. 

The paint and markers were being held in what I thought to be a secure location on top of the fridge, well out of reach. In the ten minutes I left them alone they dragged a chair to the counter, climbed up and grabbed the goods from the fridge. They then proceeded to destroy my kitchen and living room all in a matter of minutes. 

Cleaning Acrylic Paint off Wood

Lucky for you darling readers this was not my first mess that I have had to clean up and was able to get the whole thing done in about 45 minutes. Whew! This mom deserves a reward!

After cleaning little hands so they couldn’t do anymore damage I sent the kiddos to their rooms while I set to work on the acrylic paint on my wood floors and table. I wanted to get this part done before the paint dryed because it would be a nightmare to clean otherwise. 

I was able to get it all up with some hot, soapy water and a rag in about 15 minutes. 

For dry paint I have heard that you can use a putty knife to scrape up most of the paint. I didn’t want to test that and ruin my wood so am glad that I was able to clean it up wet.

If any of you have experience cleaning dried paint off wood please let us know in the comments!

Cleaning Marker from Walls

After I tackled the paint in the living room I let Octavia and Jean-Luc out of their rooms and set them to work! I gave them each a wet rag and set them loose on the fridge and dishwasher. 

While they were busy cleaning I got started on the real magic. 

I cannot even tell you how many hours I have spent in cleaning my walls. I’ve tried so many different methods: magic erasers, toothpaste, baking soda, rubbing alcohol, and every cleaner known to man. 

Thanks to my vast experimentation I am coming to you with the fastest method to get unwanted artwork off your walls.

Magic Erasers + Rubbing Alcohol

You’re welcome.

Instead of soaking your magic eraser in water soak it in rubbing alcohol. I used 70% but have also had success in the past with 50%.

For some reason the combined power of the two gets the job done quicker than using either alone. 

Warning: This will strip a little bit of the top layer of paint off.  

The minor bit of stripped paint is well worth it to me in hours of cleaning time. I’m busy! I don’t have six hours to be cleaning up marker everyday. 

With that in mind you brave souls may proceed on a small patch of wall to test it out. 

Just gently rub your magic eraser over the marks and it will come off instantly. It seriously took me 20 minutes to clean up the walls documented above. 

You might be left with a slight tint in your wall (whatever color the marker was). You can try going over it a second time but I’ve found its not noticable enough for me to bother. 

After you’ve gone over everything with the magic eraser quickly wipe your walls with a damp rag to remove any white residue left behind. 

Voila! Done!

The beauty of this method is that it also works perfectly for crayon, paint, pen, or nail polish on the wall. Yes. I’ve cleaned them all….sigh…

To see this sorcery in action check out my video below!

Cleaning Acryilic Paint on Tile

Bonus cleaning tip!

The kids also got some paint on my tile and I spent about 5 minutes cleaning that up.

Some nail polish remover on a rag will wipe that right up!

Yeah, I’ve done that one before too.

Nail polish remover will also get nail polish off your tile. Go figure.

As always, use caution and do a test patch first. I don’t want to be responsible for ruining your tile if you’ve got some fancy finish or something on it. Just telling you what works for me with almost no effort. 

I don’t recommend it for walls. I have tried that and it stripped the paint all the way off (not just a tiny bit of the top layer as in using the magic eraser and alcohol.)

How to Remove Paint From Walls

What are your best cleaning tips? Did the magic eraser and rubbing alcohol work for you? Let me know in the comments and don’t forget to subscribe for more tips like this! (When you subscribe you’ll also get access to my Ulimate Cleaning Guide….wink wink).

The Fastest Way To Get Permanent Marker Off Walls


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