Starting a Weight Loss Journal

by mommadechic
Daily Weight Loss Tracker

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Its Wednesday and on Wednesdays we wear pink.

Oh, and its also the day I weigh in here on the blog.

Last week marked my first loss in a while but I was having a hard time staying motivated. Sure I don’t like how I look right now but I also really love eating food in limitless amounts. So I made it my goal to try and focus on recapturing that determination and motivation. 

Weigh In 6 Weeks Progress

Weight Loss Wednesday

Before I go into how I am regaining that passion for eating lots of veggies and not eating lots of sweets, lets weigh-in!

137.6 lbs! I lost 1.6lbs from last week and am down 1.2 lbs from when I started (Because I gained a little between weeks 3 and 4….OOPS!

For reference I am 5’2.

My pictures don’t really show that much progress but how much can you really expect from 1.2 lbs? 

Weight Loss Progress Week 6

Weight Loss Week 6 Profile

Finding My Weight Loss Mojo

I knew that unless I found a way to get motivated I was just going to continue to gain.

Not good.

I also know that I am the type of gal who really likes to plan these sorts of things. So I kind of put the blog and my Instagram on the back burner last week so that I could take the time I needed to focus on a plan.

I started out by heading to Youtube for a little motivation.

Shoutout to Jordan Camilla. I have been loving her Youtube channel!

It was from her that I got the idea to start a weight loss journal. I am still tracking on LifeSum but there is something about having something physical that I just love.


I’ve also decided to switch things up and do IIFYM (if it fits your macros). Instead of tracking calories I am tracking my macros — carbs, fats, and proteins. Which are of course made of calories so I am still at a caloric deficit. 

I was already focusing on higher fats and proteins, lower carbs just because I feel better on that sort of diet so this just really helps me zone in on that goal.

To calculate my macros I went to Katy Hearn’s site. Her calculator puts me at 48.5 Fats/day, 124.5 Carbs/day, and 118.1 Protein a day. That is a daily calorie intake of 1408 which was about my goal before. I’m trying really hard to hit that protein and stay under those carbs. And if I’m under those carbs I have no problem filling in with fats because carb heavy diets tend to make me feel lethargic and hungry!

My Weight Loss Journal

Weight Loss Journal

I also wanted to show off my weight loss journal and maybe give you a little inspiration is you are in a weight loss rut. 

Weight Loss Journal Stickers

Decorations For Weight Loss Journal

Inspirational Stickers

The notebook is just one that I picked up forever ago at Ross but is super cute. I also picked up some cute stickers to deck it out because I’m not an artist and if I tried to draw anything in there it would be kind of ugly. I got some general inspirational stickers and some workout themed stickers

BMI & Goal Weight

Goal Weight 105

Inside I’ve also printed out a bunch of stuff for inspiration. I printed them on large sticky packing labels so that I can just peel them right off and don’t have to worry about tape or glue. 

On the first page I have a BMI chart and my ultimate goal of 105 lbs.

I know BMI isn’t the definitive guide we should be going by but its a good start for me to see if I’m way out in limbo with my goals and where I’m at. 

I chose 105 lbs because when I was as low as 108 and lifting 3x a week I still had a little fat to lose. If I get way muscle-y I have no problems adjusting that. I also have a halfway goal of 115 lbs which is a pretty good weight even if its not my dream bod.

My Weight Loss Whys

Weight Loss Whys

On the next page I printed out a picture of what I looked like last spring before I started working hard on my winter body.  Just a realistic depiction (it got stretched out a little in the printing so I do look a little thinner than I was!) of where I can be in a few short months!

Next I have my “Why’s” where I can go to remember why I’m doing this if I ever start to lose that motivation again. 

  • I want to be a good example for Octavia and Jean-Luc.
  • I want to look good!
  • More specifically I want to look good in pictures and clothing that I model.
  • I am happier at a lower weight.
  • I’m more energetic and productive at a lower weight.
  • I don’t want to be a plus size blogger or promote an unhealthy lifestyle

I know that I am going to get in trouble for that last one so I think I gotta just put it all out there.

I’m not commenting on anyone’s weight individually. I know lots of people who are overweight and think they are gorgeous and love them. And maybe you are reading this and are overweight and are perfectly healthy. Maybe you are happy where you are at and don’t prioritize weight. Awesome. I’m not trying to change you.

There is a valid place for plus sized bloggers. I follow many and love them. Not every plus sized blogger or Youtuber is promoting an unhealthy lifestyle.

I just don’t want to be plus sized. And by the nature of all the fashion content on my blog, if I am plus-sized I am also a plus-sized blogger. I don’t want to be someones excuse for being overweight. If I can I would rather be an inspiration to live healthily and for me that means maintaining a healthy weight and diet. 

Hate me if you must.

Weight Loss Tracker and Macros


Ok. Moving on.

I got this cute little weight loss tracker off Etsy where you color in a block for each pound lost. Mine goes down to 90lbs just because it was a 50lb tracker. I don’t have 50 lbs to lose or plan on going that low. 

I’ve also printed out my macros as a reminder from Katy’s website. 

Daily Goals

Daily Weight Loss Tracker

I have created a few daily goals for myself:

  • Drink apple cider vinegar and lemon juice concoction
  • 20 minutes of exercise 5x/week
  • Stay under 1400 calories
  • Eat 120g Protein
  • Stay under 125g Carbohydrates
  • Drink 8 glasses of water

Some of these are repeats. Drinking water is self explanatory.

I have the apple cider thing on here because I have used it as a cue before to signal to myself that I am going to eat healthy. I’ve had issues with binge eating before. Overeating is my default habit loop for eating. So I wanted to create a trigger to signal a new healthier habit loop. I really can’t speak to if there are actual benefits to ACV as for me its more a psychological thing. Worried about my teeth I’ve tried other signals but they just don’t seem to do it like the strong taste of ACV.

To learn more about habits I can’t recommend the book The Power of Habit enough.

I also have an exercise goal on there. I am very bad at exercising. If I don’t get it done in the morning its not happening. My kids are still waking up at night. Last night Jean-Luc was teething and woke up no less than 4 times. Ocki woke up twice because she needed to pee. I don’t sleep. 

I did manage to do yoga and dance aerobics this week at 6am both times. And both kids were with me wide awake. I would love to get in some weight training but Jean-Luc is at an age where he hangs all over me when I’m exercising. Doing the yoga and aerobics was hard. Lifting would just not be safe with him around. 

Look at me, full of excuses! Maybe I just need to bite the bullet and wake up at 5 every morning….

Weekly Weight Loss Tracking

Weekly Weight Loss Tracker

This part is totally redundant because I am tracking all this stuff in Lifesum but I wanted to have everything here in my notebook to look at later. 

I’ve got my daily meal and calorie intake, daily goal tracker, weekly weight and measurements. I’m also adding a little sticker for when I do manage to workout.

So that’s pretty much it so far. I’ll probably add more inspirational quotes, more fitness based goals, and a page for rewards. 

Weight Loss Moms

Weigh In Wednesday

How do you stay motivated when losing weight? What are your secrets to waking up to work out?


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