Orland’s Pregnancy & Birth Story

by mommadechic
Orland Pregnancy Story

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I have been a bit lagging in the blogging department. Ok. A lot lagging. To remedy that I am bringing you a birth story!

Since moving to Florida I have kept extra busy with homeschooling, working the marketing angle for Dave’s business, and caring for BABY NUMBER 3!!!

Yes, you heard it folks, we had another baby. Introducing Orland Dean!

He’s already 8 months so its about time I wrote a post, right? Today I’m going to share a little about the pregnancy and birth story. Plus an embarrassing story at the end for those who manage to stick around. 

The Pregnancy

Orland Birth Story

This was by far the hardest pregnancy I’ve had. The first trimester was pretty swell as I didn’t have much morning sickness but halfway through the second trimester things started getting a little more uncomfortable. 

I started to get big. Really big. I avoided photos like the plague because I really didn’t like how I was looking. But I did manage to find this one for you from when I was at about 6 months. I wasn’t really showing off my belly in the picture but its the best I have. 

We’re kind of cute but at the time I felt I looked very large and not in that adorable pregnant way. I guess those were just my pregnancy emotions because I actually like this photo now!

The Symptoms

At this point I was larger than I was with my previous two pregnancies even though I started them all at the same weight. And with the extra weight came all the extra unpleasant symptoms. 

I had more swelling with Orland. I got painful varicose veins for the first time. There was sciatica pain. I felt very unbalanced because frankly, my stomach was huge! 

By 34 weeks I was sooooo over being pregnant and ready for this baby to arrive. 

And it wasn’t just my imagination that I was looking a little rounder for how far along I was. People would consistently guess that I was further ahead. I was also measuring large during my checkups. I was almost convinced that they had somehow missed a twin on my ultrasound! 

My doctor was starting to get worried that we were going to have an 11lb baby if I went the full 40 weeks. She ordered an extra sonogram to see if we would need to induce at 38 weeks. 

As it turns out, I had a giant fibroid that grew along with baby Orland in the womb. I am not sure how much it weighed but it turned out not to be much of a problem (aside from the extra discomfort). It was located high on the uterus. They said if it was lower they would have had to do a C-section because it was large enough to completely block the birth canal. 

So it was just the one baby but the weight of it was like two!

The Birth Story

Orland Newborn

With no fear of a super sized baby we went ahead and scheduled an induction for the day before my due date. I opted for the induction because I knew that I would have help at that time as my mom would be flying out. I didn’t want to go late and have her already gone!

As soon as my mom got here I also opted to have a membrane sweep as that helped when me go into labor with Jean-Luc. 

It worked!

I went into labor that night. The contractions felt a little different from the ones that I had with Octavia and Jean-Luc where they felt like period cramps. This was more of a general tightening. Because it was different I wasn’t sure if I was going into labor. As they started to get more consistent and about 5 minutes apart we decided we better head to the hospital just in case. 

At the Hospital

Jean-Luc and Orland

We were correct in assuming that I was in fact in labor and got all checked in. 

I was measuring at 43 weeks so got a little eyebrow raise from the admitting nurse but explained the whole fibroid thing. 

I tried to go all natural with Octavia but had to get pitocin because my water broke but I wasn’t going into labor. That stuff is a beast! 10/10 would not recommend. I got the epidural with her. 

With Jean-Luc I was able to go natural and his was actually a (relatively) easy birth. 

I opted to get an epidural this time because I was planning to get induced to make sure I had help with the other kids when baby arrived. From Ocki’s birth I knew that pitocin and I do not agree. Even though I ended up going into labour naturally with a little help with the membrane sweep it was already in my plan. I figured I would try to be as comfortable as possible!

It took around two hours after I arrived to get the epidural because there was only one anethesiologist at the hospital and she was in a surgery. 

I get my epidural and the anethesiologist leaves. 

Its not long before I can tell that it didn’t fully take. It took for my stomach but lower half where the baby would be coming out was very much unaffected. And I’ve given birth natural and medicated so I am pretty sure that I know the difference. 

The nurse kept saying that it was normal and they wouldn’t redo the epi. My guess is that the anethesiologist was busy elsewhere in the hospital and was unavailable to be bothered. 

Of course I am in massive pain but am trying to focus on my breathing and was doing some exercises that my midwives from Jean-Luc’s birth taught me that involve low moaning.

The nurse was getting pretty annoyed and kept reminding to breath through it and at one point told me to “stop my moaning”.

At the time I did appreciate the snaps back into focus. I’ve also found that techniques across hospitals are not always the same so she was probably unaware of the method. In retrospect she could certainly do some work improving her bedside manner!

Time to Push

Orland Pregnancy Story

They checked me when I was about an eight and then left. It felt like forever but the urge to push came and so Dave called the nurses back. I don’t think they really believed me but checked anyway and it was time! 

They had to call for the oncall OB who was not my regular OB. He was also male and I prefer female doctors but at this point I don’t care who is delivering the baby, I just needed the baby to come out!

Orland ended up being 8lbs 12oz, my largest baby, but he was by far the easiest to push out.

Octavia came out turned the wrong way and it took 4 hours of pushing! Jean-Luc was an hour and I didn’t think I could do it because it hurt so bad (unmedicated, remember?) With Orland I knew from my experience with Jean-Luc what to do and how to push through it –pun intended. It took half an hour. 

The doctor ended up being a champ and when Orland came out with the cord around his neck, had him untangled in an instant.

We found out that he was a boy. We have opted with all our children to keep the gender a surprise until the very end. 

Labor was a total of nine hours (I count from when the contractions become regular). Orland was born at 6am, one hour before I was scheduled for my induction. 

He weighed 8lb 12oz and was 21 inches long. 

Orland Today

Orland Dean Birth Story

At the time of writing this post, Orland is 8 months old. 

He is the happiest little guy and he loves to be the center of attention. Its a good thing because Octavia and Jean-Luc love him to bits. 

Octavia is so funny. She will get mad at me if she notices that I changed his diaper because “I wanted to do it!”

Orland still wakes up at least once on most nights but he does occasionally sleep through. He also occasionally wakes up alot more! 

Still no teeth. I love that gummy smile!

He’s not terribly interested in food, although he does like sitting at the table like a big boy with the rest of the family. He will tolerate the peas and carrots we feed him but seems to very much dislike bananas.

He is starting to pull himself up on furniture to stand but doesn’t quite no how to get down on his own. 

And that hair! Its started to get blonder and curl. I could just die with how fluffy he is!

A Trip to the ER

Congenital Nevis Birthmark

When Orland was about a month old I was changing his diaper as he began to spit up. Some of it went behind his ear and as I was cleaning him up I noticed this HUGE bruise on his head. 

I called Dave into the room and asked if he had accidently dropped the baby or bonked his head. He hadn’t. I couldn’t think of anything either but maybe one of the kids had accidently bumped him in his swing?

Cue the furious googling. 

Of course, Google believes that a bruise behind the ear on an infant is a sign of brain bleeding and he will die!

I am trying not to panic and get ahold of his pediatrician but it was a weekend. 

The moms group in our area (join your local FB moms group, they can be a treasure trove of local info) recommends to take kids to the ER rather than some of the urgent cares. Apparently in our city they charge the same and the service isn’t as goood. 

So I pack up Orland and take him to the ER. It was not crowded at all and only about a ten minute wait. 

Moment of truth….Orland has a birthmark!

That’s right, I went to the emergency room over a birthmark. So if any of you ever feel foolish about whether you should go to the ER or not, just remember me. Mom Made Chic took her son to the emergency room over a birthmark…

Turns out that we had never noticed because he came out with a head full of hair. Everyone was really nice about it. When we did see the pediatrician he said it was a little strange and he would have checked it out too! 

We also took him to a dermatologist and the official diagnosis is Congenital Nevus. Harmless. 

Looking back at the photo above from when he was one week old I can see it crystal clear but I didn’t notice it at all before. 

To add to this super awesome feature he has, the hair has started to grow out of that spot dark brown while the rest of his hair is getting blonder. I think its super cool. 

You might be able to notice his “spot” in the picture below. 

Orland Birth Mark

 Thanks for Making it to the End

I hope you enjoyed hearing all about Orland’s birth story. 

By the way, Orland is named for his paternal great-grandfather. 

I also started an Instagram for Orland that I periodically post to if you would like to see more of his adorableness. 

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