Octavia’s 1st Haircut!

by mommadechic
Rapunzel Toddler Princess Dressup

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Rapunzel, Rapunzel let down your long hair!

When Octavia came into this world she had a head full of hair. I remember people telling me not to get too attached, it would probably fall out. They say that this is not uncommon. To our sheer and absolute delight it only grew longer and longer.

Naturally Ocki’s favorite Disney movie was Tangled. 

Toddler Girl Disney Princess

Haircut Envy

Octavia was not our only child with fast growing locks. Jean-Luc also has hair that grows the speed of Samson.

Unfortunately for little Luc, his mom isn’t all that into long hair on little boys. I want him to be a little gentleman! And so in his young life he has had at least 15 haircuts by now. 

When Ocki would see Jean-Luc getting all of the attention during his cut she would want one too. 

As parents we were of course a little attached to her hair.  We also wanted to make sure that she really wanted shorter hair. We told her she could get her hair cut at 4 years old if she still wanted it. 

4 Year Old Long Blonde Hair

4 Years Old

Ocki’s 4th birthday finally came and she still wanted that haircut!

I have to admit to being a little dissapointed. 

Her hair has been such a big part of her identity for a while and I was worried that she wouldn’t be as beautiful. I of course knew logically that this was ridiculous. The emotions were still there I admit. 

But a promise is a promise….

Toddler Rapunzel Dress Up

Haircut Time

After one last photoshoot with her long hair we made an appointment with grandma for the big chop.

Before the big day we asked Ocki if she wanted to give her hair away to another little girl who didn’t have any. She was so excited when she learned she could help someone in need. We ended up going with Wigs for Kids for the donation. 

Rapunzel Cosplay


Just a couple more pictures before its all gone!!!

Real Life Rapunzel

Toddler Girl Rapunzel


And just like that; its all gone.

For the record she looks precious and is just as cute as she ever was! 

I have to tell you how precious Octavia is; after the haircut she was a little dissapointed that her hair didn’t turn brown like it did in the movie. We had a little explaining to do!

Toddler Girl First Haircut

Rapunzel Short Hair

Rapunzel's Haircut

Octavia Gets a Haircut

Rapunzel's First Haircut



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