Kid Free Evening at Little America

by mommadechic
Kid Free

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In partnership with Little America Cheyenne

Little America Cheyenne

Since Octavia was born almost three years ago I have not had one night where I did not have to wake up mid slumber. As soon as Ocki started to get the hang of the whole sleeping thing we had Jean-Luc. Time to start all over again with sleep training!

A kid free night has long been on my list of things to do.

Dave didn’t have very many sick days so we instead had a staycation in Cheyenne. We packed the kids off to Grandma’s house and headed to our local Little America.

Best part is we have partnered with Little America to give one of you a free night stay in their Cheyenne location! Click below to enter our Instagram Giveaway by December 22nd 2018. Then be sure to read on to hear more about our date night.

Free Night at Little America

Dinner at Hathaway’s Restaurant

After dropping the kids off we headed to the Little America Resort. We had a 5:30 reservation at Hathaway’s Restaurant inside the hotel.

The atmosphere was dark and quiet — perfect for a romantic evening for two.

They started us out with some of their house rolls.

Hathaways Restaurant House Rolls

I am crazy about pasta, its a weakness of mine, so I got the Hathaway’s House pasta. Penne in a cream sauce with spinach and sun dried tomatoes hold the mushrooms.

Hathaways Restaurant Cheyenne Wyoming

Dave opted for their 16oz Herb-Crusted Prime Rib. This thing was huge! He ordered one pound which is a large serving and when it came out it was at least 3lbs!!! Oh, and he let me take a few bites and it was delicious! And yes, we are the kind of monsters who like our meat cooked. This was medium-well.

Hathaways Restaurant Cheyenne Prime Rib

Date Night Arnold Palmer

After polishing off my pasta and saving some of Dave’s prime rib for later we opted for dessert. We got the creme brulee because its delicious and we’re fancy like that. OMG this stuff was good!!! Highly recommend.

Hathaways Restaurant Cheyenne Creme Brulee

Chess in Carol’s Cafe

After dinner we decided to go to Carol’s Cafe before heading to bed. Carol’s Cafe serves ice cream cones but we were stuffed at the moment so skipped that. They also have some games in the cafe and the cutest giant gingerbread house. We asked the girl working and she said it took them 4-5 weeks to make it.

Gingerbread House Carols Cafe

We then proceeded to play a round of chess. This is my second time playing. I know, what rock have I been hiding under!?! Dave whooped me soundly.

Carols Cafe

Date Night Chess Game

Little America Suite

After our rousing game of chess it was off to our room. We were in a Preferred King Room. It was very roomy with the bed area and a large sitting area.

Little America King Suite

Little America Wyoming

Little America Cheyenne Wyoming

Waiting for us when we arrived was some room service. We had a fruit plate, cheese & crackers, and a dessert plate. How we managed to eat it after our giant dinner I am not sure. But we did do it.

How amazing is that cowboy hat chocolate!!! And the chocolates with Little America printed on them are filled with peanut butter.

Little America Cheyenne Room Service

Little America Chocolate Tray

Little America Room Service

As you can see, we thoroughly enjoyed every bite!

Little America Resort

Romantic Night Kid Free

Chocolates and Date Night

After demolishing our chocolate plate we settled down for the night. The bed was very plush, bouncy, and comfortable.

This was the part of our child free date night that I was looking forward to most. Uninterrupted sleep!

Alas, I am so used to waking up at 2:30am every night to take care of Jean-Luc that I did it unprompted. And Dave is so used to waking up at 6am to go to the gym that he did that too! Still, it was nice knowing that we didn’t have to wake up.

Alone for the First Time since Kids

Cozy at Little America Resort

Little America Sunday Brunch

After our not-so-complete sleep we headed back to Hathaway’s Restaurant for their Sunday Brunch. They had a large assortment of breakfast and lunch foods to choose from. It was all very good. Our favorites were the poached egg and strawberry shortcake truffle.

Little America Brunch

Omelet Hathaway's Restaurant

Hathaways Restaurant Sunday Brunch

Hathaways Restaurant Sunday Brunch

Sunday Brunch Cheyenne

Little America Sunday Brunch

Sunday Brunch Hathaways Lounge

Sunday Brunch Cheyenne Wyoming

Overall we had a very nice stay and some much needed alone time to reconnect as a couple.

If you are planning on heading by Cheyenne then be sure to enter our Instagram Giveaway for a free night at Little America in Cheyenne by December 22nd!

Free Night at Little America

Kid Free Evening at Little America
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Kid Free Evening at Little America
For the first time since having children we get to spend a night alone as a couple. Join us for a kid free evening at Little America in Cheyenne Wyoming.
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Mom Made Chic

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