Kate Spade Inspired DIY Glitter Purse

by mommadechic
Kate Spade Inspired DIY Glitter Clutch

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I am always on the lookout for cute clutches. Before kids regular sized handbags seemed tedious to carry around and all the extra room can quickly turn the bag into a trash receptacle. Clutches eliminate this problem; they are compact, don’t have room for anything but the essentials, and are lady-like as can be. I can’t always get away with a clutch when I am out with the kids but they are still my go to bag type for a night out. 

Enter the Kate Spade “I Kissed a Frog Multi Clutch”. I saw this on Pinterest and it was love at first sight. The glitter! So much glitter! Unfortunately, the bag was a little out of my price range….sigh.

Now understand that I am not a crafty person. I am trying to be do more crafts for the kids but its just not something that I get excited about. Maybe some of you can relate to spending 3x as much as you would to just buy the object and then it turns out looking like a pile of crap. So then you go out and buy what you had orginally wanted anyway? This is totally me. But I promise you that this Kate Spade inspired glitter clutch project is such an easy DIY clutch purse and it actually turned out really good!

Kate Spade I Kissed a Frog Multi Clutch

And so I set to work creating my own version. For you to make your very own glitter clutch you will need:

Supplies to Make Glitter Clutch

Step 1:  Lay bag flat and apply Mod Podge with sponge brush. Sorry about the super poor image quality!! Not sure what happened here.

Make Glitter Purse

Step 2: Sprinkle glitter liberally over Mod-Podged surface.

Glitter Purse

Allow to dry and repeat on other side.

Glue Glitter to Purse

Step 3:  Apply another layer of Mod Podge over the glitter to help prevent it from coming loose. Because we all know how glitter is! This will help keep your glitter purse sparkly and everything else glitter free.

Mod Podge Glitter onto clutch

Step 4:  Put some super glue on the top clasp.

Super Glue Purse

Step 5:  Attach your animal figurine. I had a hard time finding a frog with a flat enough surface to glue so I used a turtle. Feel free to use whatever animal speaks to your soul.

Turtle Purse

Turtle Clutch

All done! The finished product is a girly and glamorous clutch that looks like it cost you an arm and a leg. I was very pleased with how this turned out. What do you think?

Kate Spade Inspired DIY Glitter Clutch

DIY Kate Spade Glitter Clutch

DIY Glitter Clutch
DIY Glitter Purse
DIY Sparkle Clutch
Kate Spade DIY Clutch
Kate Spade DIY Purse




Kate Spade Inspired DIY Glitter Purse
Article Name
Kate Spade Inspired DIY Glitter Purse
An easy diy project inspired by Kate Spade. Turn a simple clutch into a glamorous glitter bag.
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Mom Made Chic
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