Jean-Luc Turns 3!

by mommadechic
Super Hero Birthday Party for Three Year Old

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Jean-Luc is 3! 

And can I just say that it is about time this boy got some attention!?! Between Ocki’s birthday and her haircut Jean-Luc hasn’t had nearly enough spotlight.

Time to remedy that. My little boy is getting bigger by the day and is three years old!

Last year Jean-Luc was all about the dinosaurs. This year he has a new love. Super Heroes. Depending on the day his favorite is either Batman, Spiderman, or Captain America. 

Super Hero Cake

Super Hero Birthday Cake

Naturally we had to do a hero themed party. This year’s party was a little smaller than past ones. Besides this whole Corona fiasco we had just moved across the country and our friend pool was a little non existant. Lucky for us, Jean-Luc is a good sport and is young enough that he didn’t notice or care. 

So I tried to steer him towards cupcakes so that we could more easily do smaller portions. Once cupcakes entered the equation he insisted on cupcakes and a cake. Who am I to argue with more cake?

I made a mint chocolate cake with mint white chocolate icing from my 101 Gormet Cupcakes Cookbook. We all agreed that the cake was quite good but that the frosting was too sweet. If making again I would probably just go for a regular buttercream. 

Admittedly this cake was not my finest decorating hour. The white chocolate was just finely chopped and did not go on smooth. But you know what, it was made with love. Love, I tell you, love!

Marvel Super Hero Cupcakes


Jean-Luc loved his party, ugly cakes and all. 

Really we are just so glad to have him! Happy birthday to my little Luc. 

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Toddler Messy Face

Somebody liked the cake! Miss chocolate face. 

Happy Third Birthday!

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