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Rocksbox Reviews

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In my quest to not completely let myself go I am trying to up my style game.  One thing that I ALWAYS forget to do is to add jewelry. Seriously ladies, the two extra minutes it takes to put on a necklace or a pair of earrings can make a huge difference. Like elevate a plain t-shirt and make it look like you are actually trying. This is something I never do but have been thinking about a lot.

One reason is that my jewelry is up in a closet away from tiny hands also making it hard for me to get to!

My other reason for not doing jewelry is I don’t feel like I know what I am doing. I either overdo or underdo. Especially rings! I see all these well manicured hands on Pinterest with perfectly stacked rings that I just can’t seem to do with any degree of sophistication.

But practice makes perfect so I am determined to up my jewelry game.

Enter Rocksbox.

Rocksbox is a monthly jewelry subscription service and they kindly offered me three months 3 membership if I would show off the pretties to all of you. I accept!

I see this as the perfect opportunity to be able to fine tune my style and try pieces that I might not normally.


How Much is Rocksbox?

You pay a $21 monthly fee to rent 3 pieces of jewelry. If you chose to buy then it is extra. I found most pieces to be between $32-$85 with some a little more, some a little less.

If you love anything then you can go to the website to purchase the item. Your $21 membership fee is applied towards your purchase.

*Your $21 monthly subscription credit can only be applied to purchases from the box set from that month. Use it or lose it 🙁  There are opportunities to earn a Forever Credit that carry over from month to month though.

How Does Rocksbox Work?

After you sign up for your Rocksbox jewely subscription you get to pick your favorite styles. They will ask you all sorts of question to try and nail down your style. Do you prefer gold or silver? Dainty or statement pieces? After they get an idea of what you like you get to create a wishlist online. Each month they will send you 3 pieces of jewelry that they think you will like. They do prioritize items on your wishlist based on availability. You also get to preview what they are sending you and if there is a piece of jewelry you just aren’t feeling you can have them swap it out before shipping.

You get to wear these lovelies out and see if they work for you. If after taking them for a spin you decide they aren’t for you then you just send them back.

You can send the box back and get as many boxes as you would like a month and it is included in your monthly fee.

What Comes in a Rocksbox

Every Rocksbox is going to be a little different because they take into account your personal preferences. And they really do listen!

In my first set I got earrings, a ring, and a necklace. They were all items that I had put on my wishlist that I wanted to try too.

You might also notice that they are all gold. I hardly ever wear silver.

Aster Moon and Star Earrings

The earrings are this fun star and moon set. They are the ASTER Arum Earrings in Gold.

Rocksbox Aster Earrings

Moon and Star Earrings

Rockbox Reviews

Melinda Maria Isla Ring

MELINDA MARIA Isla Ring in Gold and Opal. I have a thing for opals. I love how they shimmer!

Rocksbox jewelry Subscription

Rockbox Reviews

Melinda Maria Isla Ring

ASTER Scilla Fringe Pendant

ASTER Scilla Fringe Pendant in Gold. I love a good statement necklace but thought I would change it up with this long fringe-y necklace.

Rocksbox Aster pendant

Aster Scilla Fringe Pendant

What I Kept from my Rocksbox Set

All of the jewelry was so much fun but I decided to send back the ring and earrings. The ring was super pretty but also blue so wouldn’t match everything and I am trying collect pieces that I can just throw on and will go with whatever.

I  also really loved the earrings but thought they were a little to young for the look I am going for.

I kept the necklace! There are so many different colors and details but that it still remains fairly neutral. I also love that once you put it on you can’t miss it.  It can be hard to notice an itty bitty ring and earrings tend to get hidden behind hair. But I can throw on this necklace and it is visible without being too loud.

I can’t wait to see next month’s set!


Rocksbox Jewelry Subscription box

How does Rocksbox work?

P.S. — Some of you more astute readers may have noticed the watermark on these photos is not Mom Made Chic. This post was originally published on my old blog “Intrepid Bliss” and I’m too lazy to fix it!

Rockbox Jewelry


Rocksbox Jewelry Subscription Box

Rocksbox Jewelry




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