I Got Told I Have Bad Breath So I Binge Ate

by mommadechic
Bad Breath Spray

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Spoiler Alert — the title says it all.

As you know, last week  I was very motivated and lost 1.5 lbs. This past week started well enough and I was going strong until Sunday. 

I’ll get more into the details in a minute but lets start out with the results: this week I am up the 1.5 lbs that I gained last week! 

So where did I go wrong?

I Have Bad Breath

Stinky Breath

Sunday morning started well enough until a friend told me that the night before I had bad breath. The conversation went something like this:

Friend: Natalie, have you been brushing your teeth lately?

Me: Yes…Are you trying to tell me that I have bad breath?

Friend: Yeah, your breath was bad…no, it was unbearable!

My breath was not just bad. It was UNBEARABLE!

Now I know that my friend wasn’t telling this to me to be mean but because they wanted to help me. But it felt bad. Real bad.

The Part Where I Eat My Emotions

Mom Made Chic

After hearing this harsh, harsh truth I didn’t think to ask whether my breath always smells this bad. I was too caught up in shock and dying of embarrassment on the insides. 

So after brushing, flossing, tongue scraping, mouth washing and netti potting I headed to the kitchen and ate way to much. And honestly its kind of a blur. I don’t even remember everything I ate (but nothing with onions! lol). I know there were some of the kids snacks, an extra protein shake, some leftover fried steak…

Whatever it all was it was enough to make me weigh in 1.5 lbs heavier the next morning. I know its probably mostly water weight and a food baby but its still hard to see the scale going up week after week.

I also didn’t take any comparison pictures because I was so emotionally exhausted of all my before and afters looking exactly the same! That’s probably pretty dull for you all to see too! I am thinking of switching that to once a month.

Here I am trying to inspire you and trying to make positive changes in my own life and failing week after week. Maybe at least you can sympathize and join me on the ride!

Getting Good Breath on the Go

Crest Scope Breath Spray

Not one to leave you hanging I have a little product (#notsponsored) that I always keep in my purse (and apparently failed to use Saturday night!). 

I always carry with me these little Crest Scope Breath Sprays. They’re no bigger than a lip gloss so fit in even a small clutch. Before hopping out of the car I’ll give my mouth a little spritz and can feel confident when talking to people. Also great for after a meal. Just use in the restroom and no one will be any the wiser. 

Be careful and aim true if you are wearing Lipsense as this will strip your color. 

Why Tell You this Horribly Embarrassing Story?

Embarrassing Story

Some of you might be wondering why I would be telling you that I have bad breath?

First off, I think that this is something that everyone worries about. And lets get real, no one has Listerine fresh breath all the time. So I am hoping we can all laugh at what is probably a shared experience for many.

I also am trying to be 100% real about my diet and weight loss. And this week I fell into a pit of shame and self pity. Instead of finding a healthy way to handle my mortification I ate it. 

Sometimes when I binge it is hard to start eating healthily again because I have such a strong habit of it. I am really hoping that I can dig myself out of this and not let one bad day ruin meBut if I’m anything I’m persistent and am never going to stop trying!

Crest Scope Spray

Baby Kisses

I hope you all had a good laugh at my expense. Have you ever been told you have bad breath? How did you handle it? And remember to subscribe to keep up to date on my sometimes TMI life!

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