How to Look More Attractive in 10 Easy Steps

by mommadechic
10 Tips for How to Look more Attractive

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We all have days where we look just awful. That’s right, I said it. We’re not all absolute goddesses all the time. Sometimes we have greasy hair, food babies, and look just plain lousy!

What if I told you that you could look more attractive instantly?

This post is all about those days and simple things you can implement to feel a little better about yourself. I’ve compiled a list of 10 things that can each be done in 5 minutes or less to give that appearance a little boost. You might not have time or gumption to do all of them but if you just take the time to do a couple you’ll be looking more attractive instantly!

10 Easy Steps to Look More Attractive Instantly

What Motherhood Really Looks Like

Things are about to get real. This is how I look when I get up in the morning.

Crooked glasses that I’ve had for a decade.

Comfy but stained and unattractive sweats. Notice the zip-up hoodie for easy access to the boobs for breastfeeding.

Can any of you relate?

Maybe some of you can also relate to the feeling of not having enough time to take a shower, put on a full face of makeup, and carefully assemble a stylish outfit.

I am here to help!

Take a gander at these 10 things that can be done to help you feel pretty so you can get on with your day!

Wash your Face to Look Clean and Refreshed

You have kids screaming in the background and are on the verge of being late for an appointment. No time for a shower. Take a minute instead to splash some water on your face (and wherever else is particularly stinky!) for an instant refresh. And don’t forget to moisturize when you’re done!

The cleanser I am using is Trufora Ultimate Facial Cleanser.

feel better instantly with a quick face wash

Dry Shampoo for Instantly Healthier Looking Hair

The ultimate quick pick me up for greasy locks. Take a little dry shampoo or cornstarch or whatever you happen to have on hand and spritz it into your nasty, haven’t showered for 3 days hair! The relief is instantaneous and trust me, you will 100% look more attractive instantly. And then remember to take a shower after the kids are in bed!

How to Look More Beautiful

Ditch the Sweats for a Chic Mom Look

Do you really want to know how to look more attractive? GET DRESSED! 

Take off your jammies and put on an outfit that shows off that bod.

I know, I know. They are so comfy! And maybe you aren’t entirely comfortable with your body right now.

But trust me, nothing quite says, “I DON”T CARE” more than never getting dressed for the day.

It doesn’t have to be anything elaborate. I just put on a simple white tee and some jeans. 100% improvement!

Get dressed for an instant attractiveness boost.

Shapewear to Cheat Your Way to a Better Body

I am one of those whose body is a “work in progress.”

Or maybe you you just ate a little too much for dinner last night (or too much for the past year)?

Pull out the Spanx! This stuff is not a miracle worker. It won’t turn your size 26 body into a size 8 but it can help smooth out your lines and maybe help those jeans fit a little better.

I don’t know why but I used to only think about wearing shape wear under dresses. Now I wear it all the time! I love that feeling of being pulled in tight. I got mine that I’m wearing right now off of Amazon for like $12. This stuff doesn’t have to be expensive!

You’ll notice I don’t look a ton different but there is definitely a little more room in my shirt.

shapewear for a slimmer figure

Spanx your way to a better body

5 Minute Makeup Routine to Look Prettier in No Time

I know we don’t all feel like wearing makeup every day but it is a surefire way to look better instantly if you’re feeling extra frumpalicious then a little mascara and a pop of lipstick can go a loooong way!

Here is the 5 minute makeup routine that I have been using lately:

And here is what I look like after I did the same routine (with a more neutral lip color)

10 Tips for How to Look more Attractive

Smell Prettier with a Spritz of Your Signature Scent

When its to the point where you can smell yourself you know its really bad.You know you need a shower but just need to make it through the day.

Steal some wipes from your baby, take a little birdie bath, then put on some of your favorite perfume. It should cover up your natural odor so you can go about your day.

Use Your Signature Scent to feel prettier

Ditch the Dirty Tennis Shoes in Favor of Some Pretty Flats

There’s something about nice shoes that just make every outfit look better. If you have a go-to pair of tennis shoes that are caked in dirt and who knows what, throw them in the wash and put on a pair of cute but comfy flats that you have hiding in the back of your closet.

For the brave ladies out there, try a pair of heels to really up your chic mama style game.

How to look cute? Ditch the dirty tennis shoes!

look good with a nice pair of shoes

Put on a Necklace for Instant Style

I’m trying to do better about wearing the stashes of jewelry that I have but it isn’t a natural inclination. If you are feeling blah one way to make it look like instant and intentional effort was put into an outfit is to take 60 seconds to put on a necklace. Boom! Instant chic!

Use Jewelry to Look Pretty Fast

Give Yourself a 5 minute Manicure

Find your quickest drying nail polish and give those nails a coat.

If you have chipped bright blue nail polish people MIGHT notice. You WILL notice.

I wear lots of fun colors and designs for blog posts but for day to day wear I highly recommend finding neutral colors. They match everything but the real magic is when they start to chip it is harder to see!

For these pictures I didn’t even take off the old nail polish, just painted over it because I was in a hurry and they still look a million times better.

Chipped Nails in Dire Need of a Manicure

Fresh Coat of Paint Gets me Feeling pretty in an instant

Skip the Burger, Eat a Salad

One way to instantly feel better about yourself is to be better to yourself. Try and make a healthy choice when it gets to mealtime. It won’t make you instantly drop 5 lbs but you will feel better about the choice you made. 3 slices of greasy pepperoni pizza = guilt. A green smoothie = energy & feel goods.

Look Good Feel Better with a Healthy Meal

What are you go-to “look more attractive instantly” tips? Remember to subscribe for more great content and if you like this article please consider sharing!

How to Look Attractive

10 Tips to Look Better Instantly

10 Tips to Look Better with Little Effort

10 Tips to Look Good on Busy Mornings

How to Look Attractive


How to Look More Attractive
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How to Look More Attractive
The life of busy mom does not always provide a lot of time for getting ready. Here are my 10 steps for how to look more attractive instantly!
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