Happy 4th to Ocki!

by mommadechic
Octavia turns 4

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Whelp its been awhile! But where I’ve been is a whole other post.

As life has started to slow down a little I’ve been getting the blogging itch and realized that I never posted Ocki’s pictures from her 4th birthday. If you follow me on social media you may have seen them but I never got around to doing an actual blog post. 

Never too late, amiright?

Peppa Pig Themed Cake

Peppa Pig Birthday Cake

Right now Octavia has two favorite shows: Barbie and Peppa Pig.

Stuffed toy and any insects she finds will inevitably be named some variation of Barbie Peppa Pig. So color me surprised when she presented me with a Peppa Pig Birthday Cake Youtube video.  The decorating seemed easy enough so we gave it a try. What do you think? I’m no professional but it was enough to impress a four year old, thank you very much. 

BTW, thats red velvet under all that frosting. Although its been awhile so I can’t recall the recipe I used. 

Pink Themed Toddler Birthday Decorations

After making our masterpiece of a cake all that was left to do was bring on the pink! Pretty much all the stuff we just had lying around so didn’t have to buy anything for this shoot. 

Scroll to see the pics. 

Pink toddler birthday party

Goofy birthday girl

toddler girl birthday party

toddler girl peppa pig birthday

toddler girl birthday photography

Anyways, I was trying to keep it short and simple today because I have soooooo much catching up to do but hope that you enjoyed the photos! Thanks for stopping by and come again!

Peppa Pig Birthday Party

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