Erawan Museum the Hidden Gem of Bangkok

by mommadechic
Erawan Museum Hidden Gem Of Bangkok

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When Dave and I were researching visiting Thailand one place that I knew I needed to visit was The Erawan Museum

If you’ve been on my site more than 2 seconds you will realize that I’m into the color pink at the moment. The Erawan Museum is a gorgeous pink building topped with a giant three headed elephant and chock full of intricate details. 

So I made Dave put it on our “Cannot Miss” list. 

And it really did not disappoint. The Erawan Museum is a pink dream come true.

Also an elephant lovers dream come true. So if pink and pachyderms are your thing then the Erawan Museum is the place for you. 

About the Erawan Museum

Pink Palace Bangkok Thailand

The Erawan Museum was built by millionaire banker Kuhn Lek Viriyapant as a tribute to Thai culture and to keep that culture alive through continued westernization. 

There are three floors in the main section of the museum each represents the underworld, earth, and heaven. 

Also celebrated is the different religions within Thailand. While primarily Buddhist you will also see Christian, Muslim, and Confucian influences with the museum. 

One thing that I loved is that all the beautiful and intricate decorations are made of recycled materials.

When you go to the museum there is an audio tour….a very long audio tour….that will tell you all of the history of the building. 

Cost of the Erawan Museum

Erawan Museum Treasure Of Bangkok

When we were there it cost 400Baht (about $12/ticket).

How to Get to the Erawan Museum

Pink Elephant Erawan Museum

As the Erawan Museum is a little off the beaten path in the Ancient Siam area it isn’t as easily accessible as things in the city center. 

I think that the best and easiest way to get to the museum is to take a Grab (Thai version of Uber). 

What to Wear to the Erawan Museum

Dress Code At The Erawan Museum

Outside The Erawan Museum

Like so many temples and shrines in Thailand, the Erawan Museum comes with a dress code. It is the same as if you were going to the Grand Palace

  • Shoulders Covered
  • Ankles Covered
  • No Shoes
  • No Ripped Jean, Cutouts, or Midriffs

That’s about it. Seems easy enough but as tourists in a very hot climate the instinct is to wear less and they will turn you away. 

You will notice that I’m not wearing shoes! No shoes are allowed in Thai temples.

They did have some shawls and stuff that you could borrow if needed. 

Dave had to wear the elephant pants we bought at the Grand Palace to cover his knees. He was wearing naughty, revealing shorts!

The Erawan Museum is a Hidden Gem

Erawan Museum Bangkok Thailand

Staircase Erawan Museum

While The Grand Palace and Nong Nooch Botanical Gardens were crowded hot spots the Erawan Museum seems to be a relatively undiscovered destination. 

We didn’t take our tripod because we were worried about theft but there were so few people we could have easily left our camera hanging out across the room and gotten some photos together. 

The only other people there seemed to be other instagrammers!

I swear that they were all either groups of 3 girlfriends taking each others pictures or like me, turning their poor husbands into photographers. I think Dave did a good job! 

We all had to wait patiently for our turns for photos on the stairs. 

So basically Instagram is going to put the Erawan Museum on the map. 

The Artwork in the Erawan Museum

Statue Erawan Museum

Inside The Erawan Museum

All of the decorations are super ornate and detailed. 

And again, made out of recycled materials. If you look at the flower on the belt on the statue above, those were porcelain spoons if I remember correctly. You would never know it if the audio tour didn’t tell you and even then you have to look closely!

Overall, very impressive. And I absolutely am a sucker for the pink and white theme!

There are two grand stair cases, one pink and one white and they meet up at the bottom. 

Erawan Museum Staircase

Erawan Museum And Ancient Siam

Can I get these staircases in my house!?! Love! 

Stained Glass Ceiling Erawan Museum

This is the stained glass ceiling in the Erawan Museum. If I remember correctly it features a world map and zodiac as well as biblical creation influences. Don’t quote me on that…

As you ascend you can actually go inside the three headed elephant. They don’t like you to take pictures up there because of all the sacred Buddha statues. They also have a basement with no pictures allowed.  Inside the elephant is blue BTW. 

Erawan Museum Gardens

Gardens At The Erawan Museum

Ancient Siam

Outside of the Museum the grounds feature a really pretty garden that you can walk around in. They have lots more of those beautiful ornate statues. 

One thing that we loved is that they also have free lotus flowers that you can release into the water!

Erawan Museum Lotus Flower

Oh and one tip that I would give is that if you see anything that you want in their souvenir shop go ahead and buy it. There were some things that we wanted but decided to try to find them at one of the markets as museum souvenir shops in the US are notorious for high prices. The prices at the souvenir shop at the Erawan Museum actually ended up being the cheapest we could find. We ended up paying more for the same items at the markets even with Dave’s expert haggling skills. 

Erawan Museum Bangkok

Three Headed Elephant Erawan

Temple At Erawan Museum

They have lots of little shrines like this all over the grounds.

Fish Statue Erawan Museum

Dress Code For Buddhist Temple In Thailand

Me trying to copy one of the other instagrammers  and do a heart….she did it better. At the end of the day I guess I ought to just stick to being me…

Erawan Museum

Gardens Bangkok Thailand

Erawan Shrine

These giant elephant statues go all around the museum. 

Elephant Statues Erawan Museum

Staircase Erawan Museum

Bangkok Temple Dress Code

The Erawan Museum is indisputably one of the most beautiful places that I have ever been. 

Even with the explosion of pink Dave really enjoyed visiting here as well. So go ahead and bring all the masculine figures in your life. They’ll have a good time too, I promise. 

Is it just me or are you in love with this place too? Let me know in the comments if you think the Erawan Museum would make it onto your itinerary. And don’t forget to subscribe to keep up with all of my adventures!

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Taylor July 8, 2019 - 9:21 pm

WOW! That looks like an amazing trip! I have never traveled outside of the US, so reading about places like these makes me want to hop on a plane and go! Love the rose colored hue of your photos, so pretty. Thank you for sharing!

mommadechic July 8, 2019 - 9:36 pm

Thank you! I’ve only been a couple of times myself and am so happy that I got to see this. Thanks for stopping by!

Nicole July 8, 2019 - 11:25 pm

Glad you had an amazing trip! Pictures are beautiful!

mommadechic July 8, 2019 - 11:41 pm

Thank you! We had a wonderful time!

Lani July 9, 2019 - 12:09 am

OMG. I’ve been to Thailand twice and never heard of the place. I’m putting it on my list if I make it back a 3rd time.

mommadechic July 9, 2019 - 12:26 am

Lucky! I hope you make it back a third time!

Tracy July 9, 2019 - 4:18 pm

OMG! This museum looks incredible! All of the photos came out so beautiful too! I’m def adding it to my travel bucket list!


mommadechic July 9, 2019 - 4:48 pm

Thank you! The Erawan Museum is definitely a must see!


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