Dinosaur Themed Birthday Party for a Toddler Boy

by mommadechic
Dinosaur Themed Birthday Party

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Its been a year and a half but I officially have a two year old again. 

I absolutely love this age. At two my kids have been old enough to have a distinct personality but are still without guile. 

Jean-Luc is such a happy and outgoing little guy. He loves to explore and get rambunctious and messy. 

Right now there are three main loves in his life. Paw Patrol, cars, and dinosaurs! Of the three I think that dinosaurs take the cake. So naturally we had to celebrate the day with a dinosaur cake. 

Dinosaur Cake Decorations

Dinosaur Party Decorations Cake

I can’t pretend to be the world’s best cake decorater but we had a lot of fun making this one. I did a basic white cake recipe and topped it off with a root beer flavored buttercream. Different, I know, but also not bad. The root beer extract gives the frosting the color and I didn’t have to add any coloring to it. 

Side story — We looked everywhere for rootbeer extract and couldn’t find it in any local stores so ended up ordering a pack of two large bottles from amazon (because everything else was ridiculously expensive or super long shipping). Then after the party I was cleaning out my cabinets and found root beer extract! So if anyone needs any I happen to have a lot of it. 

I also had grand visions of decking this cake out with chocolate pebbles. As it turns out they are not a common candy (go figure). This momma procrastinated so bad on this one that even Amazon couldn’t get them to me on time. Oops. 

Instead I rustled up some Dunkin Donuts Jellybeans and painstakingly picked out the pink ones. Just kidding, there weren’t that many. But I thought all the brown colors would look good with the cake and I am loving how they turned out. 

Toddler Birthday Party

That mess of green on top is supposed to be nests…..Anyways I put a few peanut M&M’s in them and hoped they looked like eggs. 

Those malted egg candies would also be perfect for this but I thought the colors would be too girly/wouldn’t go with the brown theme. 

We finished it off with some dinosaur toys we already had (washed them first. Lol.) The kids loved helping with that part. 

Dinosaur Party Treat Bags

Unicorn and Dinosaur Party Favors

This picture is actually from Ocki’s 3rd Birthday. Shhhh…don’t tell anyone. 

I used the same Dinosaur Bags for Lukie’s party but was too lame/busy to take photos.

We filled these guys with things like bubbles, play dough, toy cars, etc. I find that the dollar store and Ross are good places to get packs of toys for cheap. 

Activities for a Dinosaur Party

Dinosaur Party Decorations

Besides the toys and cake we also printed out a bunch of free dinosaur coloring pages for the kids. 

Other ideas that we had were to do a treasure hunt where the kids would have to search for the party favors, pin the tooth on the T-Rex, and dinosaur pinata.

We didn’t do all that because he’s two. Like I’m sure he would have had fun but thats a lot of work for a small family party. If he still loves dinosaurs in a few years maybe we will go all out. 

Dinosaur Birthday Cake

Dinosaur Party Ideas DIY

Birthday Party For Toddler Boy

Toddler Boy Birthday Party Ideas

Overall, I think we killed it with this party. At least it was a win in Jean-Luc’s book and thats really who we were aiming to please. Mission accomplished!

Do you have any birthdays coming up? What theme are you going to do? Let me know in the comments and don’t forget to subscribe!

Dinosaur Party Ideas Pinterest

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