Blush & Leopard Capsule Wardrobe Moodboard

by mommadechic
Capsule Wardrobe Mood Board

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A few months ago I decided to make the jump to a capsule wardrobe

I’m a woman who loves fashion but who is also very busy and who maybe doesn’t always have the best taste….

I’ll admit it. As much as I love style I don’t necessarily have a natural talent for it. Natural interest? Yes. Talent? No. As a child they used to call me “The Queen of Guthrie” (Guthrie being the name of the street I lived on) because of my wild outfits. 

There are those for whom style seems to come naturally. For the rest of us its a muscle that we must workout and learn to flex. This is good news. It means that fashion is a skill that anyone can learn!

What is a Capsule Wardrobe?

A capsule wardrobe is essentially distilling your closet down to basics. You keep only the items that:

  • Fit you well
  • Can easily be mixed & matched with everything else in your closet
  • You will actually wear.

To accomplish this you generally pick one or two colors to be the backbone of your closet. After you pick your main color scheme you fill in with neutral colors and clothes in classic cuts. That way everything is easy to wear and goes together without much thought or effort. This makes it perfect for those of us who need a little help nailing down the perfect style.

Far from being boring, a capsule wardrobe is chic and sophisticated. It can also be full of fun if executed properly!

Blush & Leopard Wardrobe Theme

For my capsule wardrobe I have settled on blush pink and leopard print as my backbone and filling in with neutrals. 

I personally love all the soft pink shades that have been so popular in recent years. Pressed Rose is even one of the colors of 2019

And leopard print is timeless. I personally have always been crazy about leopard print. Maybe because it is so flamboyant and fun! But it is also as chic and sophisticated as you can get. One of the main criticisms of the capsule wardrobe is that the monotony seems boring. But by adding in fun patterns and textures you can transform a limited framework into something truly unique.

Capsule Wardrobe Mood Board

I am still in the process of building my wardrobe. I am doing it slowly, replacing unworn items for items that fit my vision one at a time. 

To stay inspired an on focus I’ve made a little mood board that will maybe help inspire you too!

Leopard and Blush Capsule Wardrobe Color Palette

What do you think of the capsule wardrobe? Love it or hate it?


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